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Sneakers have taken a new direction and have shown that they are not a merely functional piece to use at specific times. Its designs, aesthetic strength and history have collaborated to build a global culture, a community and a phenomenon of unexpected dimensions around sneakers.

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The Japanese brand Asics accumulates more than 70 years of experience and technological innovation backed by a philosophy that proclaims health and well-being. Their designs dance between lifestyle and sport, making the acronym that gives them their name a distinctive of quality and timeless modernity.


The 5Ws in the history of ASICS

Anima Sana in Corpore Sano. This was the motto that inspired the name of ASICS, although it has not always been its official name. When Kihachiro Onitsuka founded the brand in 1949 and named it Onitsuka Co. Ltd., it was until the late 1970s that the famous acronym emerged as a better idea. The Japanese businessman created the company with the intention of inspiring a society submerged in the postwar period. He considered it necessary to raise the moral of the Japanese society by promoting a healthy lifestyle and demonstrating the importance of doing sports. The first significant leap in Onitsuka’s career was the manufacture of the ‘OK’ (Onitsuka Kihachiro) basketball model in 1950. Its success came a year later, when Onitsuka decided to incorporate an innovative traction system into the sneakers. It seems that the idea came to his head during a dinner, when the Japanese founder was marveled at the way in which an octopus tentacle was attached to his salad. And so, he decided to mimic the suction cups to optimize the grip of the sneaker’s sole.


From the Olympics in Mexico to the big screen

The 1966 Mexico Olympics had an undisputed protagonist: the Mexico 66 model by Onitsuka Tiger. The sneaker brought together the characteristics of the Limber Up and Limber silhouettes in one same silhouette. It is the first model of the brand to incorporate the iconic crossed stripes on the sides, an element that wasn’t only added for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve the stability of the sneaker. Currently, the Asics Mexico 66 are also known for their appearances on the big screen. We saw them first on the feet of Bruce Lee in 1978, in the movie ’The game of Death’, and were later worn by Uma Thurman in ‘Kill Bill’, 2003.


Asics GEL Technology. What is it?

GEL technology has become one of Asic’s most identifying systems. This innovation was introduced for the first time in 1986 and it consists of the introduction of a substance with silicone-base in the midsole, at the strategic points of maximum impact. The properties of the GEL technology allow to disperse the impact effectively, reducing injuries and fatigue on the foot and providing exceptional cushioning, durable despite the passage of time. The sneakers that have this technology are characterized for being more reactive, light and comfortable. The combination of GEL with other Asics technologies, such as FlyteFoam™ Lyte, FlyteFoam™ Propel or the double Jacquard mesh on the upper part make this shoe a revolutionary piece that continues to expand its catalogue and its number of staunch followers.


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In the Asics store at The Good Will Out you can find a wide range of options, with different technologies and styles, offered by the Japanese brand. From high-performance sneakers to more casual models for the day to day, and from classic silhouettes with a great historical legacy, to more modern and daring versions, there is always a sneaker that adapts to all your needs and your aesthetic trends. Dive into the Asics sneaker range.

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