Warrior Shanghai

Founded in Shanghai in 1930, Warrior Shanghai is one of the most democratic athletic brands on the scene. Their sneakers are a big seller in Asia. Discover the latest from Warrior Shanghai and add an alternative touch to your wardrobe.

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The origins of Warrior Shanghai/h2>

Warrior Shanghai (Hui Li in China) was born in the 1930s in the same city that gives it its name. It soon became one of the favorite brands for Chinese athletes of the 30s and after that. Later, during the 60s, 70s and 80s, their sneakers were a working-class phenomenon and ended up becoming a worker symbol. Today, it is the most alternative youth that lead the Warrior Shanghai clientele.


A Cultural Claim

Warrior Shanghai’s aesthetic compiles constant reminders of its Chineses origins. From its Instagram account to its campaigns or its naming, each of their actions vindicates the strength of Chinese folklore, customs and culture.


The WOS33 of Warrior Shanghai

Its most iconic model is the WOS33. The name of the sneaker is actually the initials of Warrior Ordinary Streetwear and the number 33, a very important number in Chinese culture. This silhouette features a retro design, with the logo on the sides, canvas upper and a simple rubber sole. Obtain the latest editions of this model and much more at THEGOODWILLOUT’s Warrior Shanghai store.

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