United Standard

United Standard has laid the foundations for the future of Italian streetwear. Founded by Giorgio Di Salvo, in just five years the brand has become a leader in the urban scene thanks to its avant-garde vision of utilitarian aesthetics and an anti-establishment modus operandi that sets it apart from the rest and has turned it into an icon, even collaborating with powerhouses such as Off-White.

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What makes United Standard different?

At the forefront of the urban fashion renaissance is United Standard, presiding over the peak from its Milan headquarters and demonstrating how to revolutionize the scene with its unmistakable identity. United Standard's DNA is futuristic, utilitarian and eclectic. The cult brand stands out for a trend towards graphics, new wave style, and dark colors, but its personal stamp lies especially in Di Salvo's passion for fast cars, turning his appreciation for automobiles into inspiration for the brand.

United Standard transforms contemporary fashion from an old-school internet look to a polished Italian engineering process. The brand believes in an innovative manufacturing perspective with technical materials such as Mylar, an ultra-light insulation material commonly used for space products.


Who is Giorgio Di Salvo?

Giorgio Di Salvo, creator of the brand, is also creative director at Marcelo Burlon and a graphic designer. His expertise, background experience, and tendency to try new things out have made him a leading figure in the most sophisticated streetwear market. At United Standard, the rules of fast e-commerce are ignored, always tending towards beta and 90s web aesthetics. A mysterious and risky strategy that makes it clear that he has a passion for danger.

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