Created by Seulean designers Cho Nadan, Park Inwook and Choi Jonkyu, thisisneverthat has become a symbol of South Korea’s underground and art scene. From K-pop groups like BTS, to rappers like Giriboy or MC Meta, the list of musicians who have already declared themselves unconditional followers of the brand is growing.

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The new prêt-à-porter

Taking inspiration from the vibrant subcultural scene in Seoul, the trio of designers in charge of thisisneverthat have managed to establish themselves as a cult symbol among devotees of urban fashion around the world, with special mention to the most cutting edge South Korea. In fact, the brand has already become one of the most frequent logos on stages such as Seoul Fashion Week, sharing outfits with garments from brands such as Supreme or Balenciaga. The new streetwear player has exceeded all expectations thanks to an exquisite manufacture and an aesthetic that combines patterns from the past with contemporary elements such as modern art, lettering or multilayer


Pop melodies and hip-hop rhythms

Thisisneverthat hardly took time to become a must-have in Seoul’s underground fashion. And, just like so many and many things that arise in the most hidden areas of South Korea and end up conquering the world, the brand didn't take long to spread its arms throughout Asia and the rest of the continents. Various communities of the capital’s art scene helped this impulse. The best example is Jungkook, one of the members of the BTS group. The K-pop leader wore a thisisneverthat t-shirt in the video clip for the song ‘Save Me’ from 2016. The Internet responded. A multitude of blogs, websites and fan groups tracked down the garment until they found which clothing brand had managed to win over Junkook. Korean rappers Giriboy, B-Free, MC Meta, and Mad Clown have also been linked with the brand, wearing it both on special occasions and on their everyday Instagram feed. Suddenly, thisisneverthat stopped being a small company and became a phenomenon.


Why buy thisisneverthat online at THE GOOD WILL OUT?

The Good Will Out has become one of the exclusive retailers to offer thisisneverthat. The brand’s catalogue ranges from basic and monochromatic garments to striking and exclusive designs, with characteristic patchwork prints, 80’s codes and many other elements that the group of designers is used to playing with. Its distinctive style has captivated some of the biggest streetwear powers. Thisisneverthat has collaborated with Vans, Starter Black Label, Puma, Reebok and New Balance, among others. Discover the new thisisneverthat store now at The Good Will Out.

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