Sun Buddies

Sun Buddies sunglasses embody Swedish style in the most modern and vibrant way. A combination of Scandinavian fashion, functionality, and a dazzling look, with unique shapes and exclusive colors and styles. The quality of the lenses and frames has elevated the brand to a premium category within the market, becoming one of the most coveted lines of sunglasses.

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Sun Buddies by Très Bien

Sun Buddies is part of the Swedish fashion brand and retailer Très Bien and embraces the house's own personality, with a look at the styles of past decades in Europe and the United States. Founded in 2006, Très Bien has been one of the great pioneers in the sale of men's lifestyle clothing, responsible for breaking the boundaries between urban fashion and luxury high fashion.


Style and personality

Sun Buddies sunglasses designs boast timeless retro vibes, with a range of varieties for classic, maximalist or urban tastes. The original frame is inspired by the iconic sunglasses worn by Bibi Andersson in the 1966 film "Persona" directed by Ingmar Bergman. In fact, one of the most emblematic models of the brand, with an understated and 70s style, was named after the actress.

Designing in collaboration with artists, designers and photographers is one of the defining points of Sun Buddies. Its name, which sounds like "some buddies", pays tribute to this collective of creatives and colleagues who have contributed to form a group concept about the brand. Sun Buddies has partnered with streetwear brands such as Stüssy or Carhartt WIP, establishing itself as one of the most powerful brands of sunglasses in this field.

Sun Buddies sunglasses are handmade with pure acetate in Sweden and incorporate premium Carl Zeiss Vision lenses with 100% UV protection.

At The Good Will Out we offer you a selection of iconic models of Sun Buddies, such as Greta, Bibi or Akira.

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