From Japan, the cult brand Suicoke offers an eclectic and experimental footwear range that combines high-performance construction and a unique creative concept. Versatility, technique and design in each silhouette.

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The origin of Suicoke

Founded in 2006 in Japan, Suicoke has managed to position itself as an international reference thanks to its innovative and experimental nature. Interestingly, the company began by producing small accessories such as Russian Matryoshka dolls, painted by hand and crafted with care and detail. Over time, their transition to footwear arrived: which would give it unstoppable success. Their proposal focuses especially on sandals whose design boasts originality and particularity, always taking care of the optimal balance between functionality and aesthetics. True to its identity, the brand has become known throughout the world, collaborating with a multitude of boutiques and brands of high reputation such as Needles, Mastermind World, Maharishi, A Bathing Ape or Golf Wang.


An alternative to the usual basics

Suicoke proposes an alternative option to the classic sandal or the basic flip-flop, presenting a design with optimal functionality that provides extraordinary cushioning and comfort thanks to the quality of its elements. Suitcoke footwear uses the famous Vibram soles, also present in many sneaker models, and its upper part consists of adjustable straps made of premium materials such as neoprene or nylon, among others. Discover now the THEGOODWILLOUT Suicoke store and get a hold of the latest launches and the brand’s most iconic models such as MOTO, DEPA, KISEE and many more.

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