Stepney Workers Club

The London brand Stepney Workers Club is inspired by the inclusive culture of the Workers Sports Club to launch a footwear proposal loaded with message and concept. Freedom of thought, a free spirit and a feeling of unity are some of the maxims of his manifesto.

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Stepney Workers Club: quality and comfort

It is a young brand, but not at all beginner. Created in 2018 by Simon See and Roger Pereira, Stepney Workers Club makes clear in each design the level of expertise of its founders. The brand’s collections present timeless and unisex pairs, made from traditional processes that put aside excesses and take care of the artisan character of each piece. Its designs are characterized by a large robust sole with high cushioning and flexibility, ready to adapt to the rhythm of life of each user.


Freedom of Sport. Freedom of Thought

In fact, the brand was born from the Stepney Workers Sports Club, a club founded around 1920 with the purpose of promoting an alternative sports league to the state of the United Kingdom. It is a group of antifascist and anti war activists, of which S.W.C take the “Freedom of Sport. Freedom of Thought” as a motto. The brand implants the values of unity, freedom of thought and free spirit to achieve classic, democratic and with clear social principles products.


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