Saucony is a dose of inspiration for runners around the world. For more than 100 years, its philosophy has focused on meeting the most demanding needs of the running world and empowering athletes of any level with designs suitable for both the street and the tracks.

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Saucony. More than a hundred years of history

The origins of Saucony date back to nothing less than 1898, when four friends decided to found a shoe factory in Pennsylvania. Its immediate success is not difficult to understand if we look at its pace of work: the fabric produced about 800 pairs a day. But it wasn’t until the first decade of the 20th century when Saucony decided to create the Spike 7446, the first sneaker model that helped improve the running technique. Until then, there was no model that met such specific demands as this, and athletics had already begun to become popular in society. Little by little, running was adding more followers and the clothing typical of this sport expanded to a new terrain: the street. Running sneakers were being used in more and more contexts, and Saucony knew how to be in all of them. The brand’s characteristic three dots have conquered many generations and styles, giving Saucony a status that continues today.


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With silhouettes of indisputable elegance, retro codes and a design focused on efficiency, Saucony sneakers boast three main ingredients to captivate sneaker consumers. Both the Saucony for women and the Saucony for men brand catalogues feature models that stand out from their competitors due to a different and original personality that does not attend ephemeral fashions. Saucony sneakers repeat a game of layers in the upper and the emblematic three dots on the sides as a common denominator, but each model is unique. Discover the Saucony store at The Good Will Out now.

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