Rokit is the union of two universes, two sports and two lifestyles: street basketball and skateboarding. The brand unifies its two great sources of inspiration in a series of designs that breathe freedom, youth and life.

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The Rokit Manifesto

The streetwear brand Rokit carries a street lifestyle in which basketball and skateboarding become its two main pillars. Its motto, “from the paint to the ledge, on and off the court” makes it clear that these two worlds are the ones that sustain each design, each graphic and each pattern of the brand’s clothing. In fact, their logo is an orange circle that represents a basketball and the wheel of a skateboard. With loose cuts, urban prints and retro flair, Rokit’s garments are a direct trip to the courts and tracks that marked the adolescence of an entire generation. Get a hold now of the latest from Rokit at THEGOODWILLOUT.

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