Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is not just a fashion brand, it's a lifestyle. Audrey Hepburn affirmed it and Karl Lagerfeld backed it up. The American brand wraps you in preppy style that conveys tradition, elegance, and a free spirit. Polo Ralph Lauren is above the impulses of fast fashion. Polo Ralph Lauren is forever.

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The Polo Ralph Lauren Universe

What began as a small tie boutique in 1967 ended up becoming an empire that goes beyond fashion and represents a whole identity. Polo Ralph Lauren has always been interested in the eternal and the immortal, staying true to its style over time and demonstrating that authentic personality does not give in to ephemeral trends. Its style mixes Wild West American culture with high class society culture, with the iconic logo of the horse and the name "Polo" referring to the lifestyle of this sport. A wealthy, elegant, and natural universe, where cultural heritage has a significant weight and luxury is much more than economic. According to designer Ralph Lauren himself, the brand's garments are made for "living".


Breaking prejudices

Since Ralph Lauren asserted that his dream was to be a millionaire until his signature brand reached the magnitude of what it is today, Polo Ralph Lauren has been singled out as a typical example of the WASP ("White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant") lifestyle. The rejection of that idea especially among certain social communities proved nothing but positive results for Polo. Always loyal to its style, the brand has shown it is capable of injecting its personality into the streetwear scene, generating an exciting plot twist in urban fashion. The Polo bear symbol, Polo Sport loud lettering t-shirts, and colorblock designs have come to position themselves as essential styles in the most modern lifestyle streetwear fashion, mixing two very different universes.

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