In 2015 and based in Los Angeles, Pleasures burst onto the scene willing to break established patterns. Since then, its punk attitude has captivated a multitude of brands, artists and bands, becoming one of the most representative streetwear brands today.

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Pleasures. Much more than a fashion brand

Pleasures is much more than just a streetwear brand. It was founded in 2015, in Los Angeles, with a disruptive and different style from the rest of the brands in the scene. Known for its tees and sweatshirts with bold graphic prints, Pleasures has found its way onto the scene in just 5 years.

However, its founders have not always dedicated themselves to fashion. Alex James began his professional career as a computer scientist. In 2007, his friend Michael Huynh offered him to found a sneaker brand called Thorocraft hola . “I was always interested in fashion, but I never had formal training. With Thorocraft I really learned how the industry works.” Two years later, James and Huynh came together to launch a clothing brand called Publish hola . After six years as creative director of this new brand, James was ready to go one step further and set up his own brand.

This time, alongside Vlad Elkin, James launched Pleasures hola in 2015. He wanted it to be different from Publish, and the rest of streetwear brands. “I always liked streetwear, but everything was guns, blood, naked girls and those things that didn’t really mean anything to me,” he says. However, he wanted to draw inspiration from the world of hardcore punk hola in which he grew up in.


The polemic of the Kurt Cobain t-shirt

Pleasures became popular in Summer 2015, when they presented their second collection. As a proposal for Autumn of that same year, they presented a sweatshirt and t-shirt with the supposed suicide note of Kurt Cobain. The garment sold out immediately. “It was legal. It is a public document. Besides, it is not even known if Kurt wrote it, many people say it’s not his handwriting. It remains a mystery,” clarifies Alex James about the scandal.

Since then, the brand has gradually earned the respect of the industry. Khalifa, Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd or Playboi Carti have already dared to wear their clothes. Even Kim Jones himself, Dior menswear creative director, wears Pleasures.


Why buy Pleasures at THEGOODWILLOUT?

They define themselves as a state of mind. The brand takes feelings from the past to rediscover them through its clothes. They always have an eye on the 90s to drive the trends of the future. Their punk attitude has led them to collaborate with countless brands, artists and bands such as Charles Peterson, Korn, Germs, Reebok or Crocs. That is why it’s not surprising that Pleasures has already become a global brand, with a greater presence in Asia than in the United States. Discover now the latest from Pleasures at THEGOODWILLOUT.

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