Perhaps its inception in the 1970s explains Oakley's true neo-retro essence. With a focus on premium sports accessories since its founding, the Californian brand has now moved into the streetwear arena with great success. Its apparel is a fusion of gabber and clubwear style with inspiration from motorcycling, snowboarding, and cycling to create the freshest and most contemporary urban fashion, while never detaching itself from the world of sports.

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From motocross to the street

When James Jannard created the Oakley Fist in 1975, motocross had no idea of the phenomenon that had just been born. Jannard had decided to use a material he created himself, which he named "unobtainium," so high-performing that it is still used today for the temples and bridge in Oakley eyewear. His true breakthrough in the design of this accessory would come years later, when the company launched its first model of O-Frame glasses in 1983, which by then included the arched cylindrical lens that characterizes the brand.

Nowadays, with more than thirty years of history, Oakley has become a must-have for streetwear fans. Its essence is based on updating the classics, with chromatic contrasts typical in sportswear, inviting you to immerse yourself in the most polished and contemporary raver style..


Oakley sunglasses: what makes them different?

Oakley sport sunglasses are perhaps the brand's most iconic piece. And it's no surprise. Each design features exceptional quality and advanced technology. ANSI impact tests for industrial products put each pair of eyewear through tough conditions to ensure impact resistance and protection. In addition, they all feature an invisible barrier that repels sweat, water, and dirt. Their high-end qualities have convinced athletes such as Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong to wear the brand.

Oakley lenses are created in association with Transitions Optical Inc. and boast an amazing ability to automatically darken and lighten, depending on lighting conditions, allowing your eye to adapt to changing environments. The ease of care and cleaning of the lenses, well above conventional glasses, ensure your comfort and improve your everyday life.

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