New Era

The influence of New Era on the world of sports and streetwear has been a historical phenomenon. The brand has completely redefined the hat industry, and currently maintains connections with virtually all major sports leagues. A New Era cap is not just a style accessory, but a cultural tribute, a profession of love for a sports team, and a collector's item.

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Based in Buffalo, New York, New Era has been the official and exclusive cap supplier for all MLB (Major League Baseball) teams for the past 25 years. With more than 500 different trademark agreements, the brand continues to celebrate its roots in baseball while extending out into other fields, such as art, music, and fashion.


A Century of History

The New Era company was founded in 1920, back when it produced up to 60,000 caps. Its first contract with the MLB was with the Cleveland Indians in 1934, and soon after it became the only cap supplier to major baseball teams such as the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers. In the 1950s, New Era was establishing itself as an icon, and experienced a highlight moment when Harold Koch, head of the company, designed the famous 59Fifty cap also known as the "Brooklyn Style". In the 1980s the brand expanded significantly, when it began selling official team hats to sports fans as well as teams.


Trio of Aces

In 2012, after a lifetime linked to baseball, the brand extended to other sports and acquired all the exclusive rights of the NFL (National Football League). Later it would partner with the Australian cricket Big Bash League, with Manchester United, with the NBA and with the CFL (Canadian Football League), which for the first time also provided team equipment for the latter. So, this is how New Era became the first hat company to have exclusive rights for the MLB, the NFL and the NBA, the three major sports leagues in the United States.

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