MCQ by Alexander McQueen becomes MCQ. The brand, inspired by neo-gothic and grunge aesthetics, presents a more sustainable approach and premium clothing that elevate your essentials to a status of haute couture and urban luxury. Discover now the new technological vanguard.

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The MCQ icons

MCQ calls its collections Icons, but the brand is far from following traditional labels. More than a conventional fashion brand, MCQ is a kind of platform formed by a collective of creatives, instead of having a single figure at the front of the line. Each of the collaborators has a particular role within MCQ, which works as a type of conversation between masters of art, fashion or culture. There are no internal hierarchies, leader or boss. Only people united under the objective of making their disruptive vision of the world of fashion come true. In each MCQ piece we can find a woven label with the names of the creatives who have participated in its creation.


Responsibility and sustainability

Regarding its social responsibility, the brand has developed an innovative packaging system to avoid generating the usual exaggerated volume of waste. Typically, a brand ships a packaged garment that will be repackaged over and over again until it reaches the customer who acquires it. MCQ uses the same packaging throughout the production chain, reducing in a decisive way the excess of waste.

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