Only three letters are capable of elevating your denim look and serving as a guarantee of quality, durability, and style. Lee has managed to position itself as a worldwide leading brand the field of jeans, while including other clothing items too to form a unique and complete collection, all based out of Kansas, USA.

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Lee: From workwear to jeans

The Lee Company, part of the VF Corporation, is a specialized denim company that originated in 1889 in Kansas, USA. Its spectacular growth began when the brand introduced the Union-All work jumpsuit in the 1910s. Later, various novel features began to be included in production, defining the brand's style, identity, and quality. Today, Lee is a symbol of American fashion and a synonym for quality and expertise. Lee jeans, along with other Lee denim pieces such as jackets and shirts, undoubtedly feature the brand's most iconic designs.


Why buy Lee at The Good Will Out?

At The Good Will Out we are committed to enhancing the DNA of iconic brands such as Lee, which have managed to strengthen themselves over time by demonstrating that their skills go beyond satisfying time trends. Enjoy our exclusive selection of unique pieces from the Lee x Timberland collaboration, a union that fuses workwear and denim with sustainable materials and an inspiring throwback look to Western style aesthetics.

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