Created by Keith Hufnagel, the HUF brand carries in its DNA all the experience and passion of its founder for skateboarding. Its streetwear proposal focuses on products with sturdy construction, fresh style and casual graphics. A clear representation of the skate scene on a global level.

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Keith Hufnagel. The rise of a culture

During his teenage years, Keith Hufnagel was always accompanied by his skateboard. He lived on his four wheels and frequented a famous rink in Manhattan called Brooklyn Banks, where it was also common to see skaters such as Chris Keeffe or Jon Buscemi. It was the first years of the 90s and the aesthetics of skateboarding began to consolidate globally, becoming a collective culture that combined art, fashion, sports and community.


The consolidation of HUF

From New York, in 1992 Keith Hufnagel landed in San Francisco, where his new contacts, collaborations and sponsors made his way to set up his own skateboarding shop in Tenderloin. The first three letters of his last name served to give the title to his new business. HUF offered pieces from internationally renowned cult brands, streetwear and special sneaker models. From a small store in 2002, HUF has gone on to earn the company of “Worldwide” alongside its name, with a multitude of stores around the world and a host of retailers struggling to include the brand in their catalog.


A black day for skateboarding

In September 2020, a post from the @hufworldwide Instagram account marked a black day for the skater community. “It breaks our hearts to have to bring you the news that the HUF founder, Keith Hufnagel, has died after two and a half years of fighting a brain tumor.” The post explained that Keith was the heart and soul of the brand.There is no doubt: his essence is imprinted in each HUF piece, exhibiting a statement of intent and a love for skateboarding that needs no words.



Throughout its history, something that has characterized HUF is the brand’s loyalty to its identity, its values and its spirit. The HUF imagery has been built from pure and genuine admiration for skateboarding, taking the board as a lifestyle. Buy now the latest HUF releases and collections in the THEGOODWILLOUT catalog.

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