Motivated by the search for the perfect outerwear, the luxury brand Herno stands out for its exclusive care from the previous production process to the final sale. Select raw materials, innovative procedures, ethical workmanship and a delicate dedication to classicism and craftsmanship are the main ingredients that have made Herno a benchmark in winterwear apparel worldwide.

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Herno evokes individual freedom and nonconformity, inviting you to demand only the best for your protection. Its style code allows versatility and dynamism in your look, beyond passing trends.


Since 1984, Herno has stood out for a meticulous selection of its materials, choosing only the highest quality: wool from Biella, technical fabrics from Japan and feathers from the best farms in the food industry. Part of Herno’s machinery is even designed by the company itself, all to meet the demanding quality parameters that are imposed in each collection. Each phase of the process goes through a careful supervision that ensures that the tradition of know-how is always maintained.


The revolutionary vision of Claudio Marenzi, president of Herno, has positioned the firm as a pioneer and benchmark in different production techniques. Marenzi incorporated materials and fibers that until then were only used in the sports industry and introduced new techniques that were quickly copied by other brands. The first innovations came in 2008, with a line of ultralight down jackets in which the feathers were injected directly into the garment. The sealing of garments with heat and glue, ultrasonic seams or laser-cut fabrics also began to be implemented.

Philosophy and values

Despite his constant evolution, Herno always remains faithful to his philosophy. The firm embodies the know-how of Italian manufacturing and traditional tailoring, putting an entire luxury market at your fingertips. His attitude puts style at the service of functionality, and he opts for an unconventional sobriety in his aesthetics, fusing avant-garde and practicality. His outerwear carry a delicate process of discipline and sacrifice as their flagship, and provide unbeatable characteristics of lightness, warmth, waterproofing, high performance and breathability. Because Herno does not intend to sell a lifestyle, but that its quality speaks for itself.

With origins in the town of Lesa, in the Lake Maggiore region, Herno maintains its factory in this natural setting and produces its garments in a dreamlike geographical environment. The manufacturing and production processes produce the least possible environmental impact to maintain the balance. In fact, the factory uses photovoltaic energy and is supplied autonomously, and the environment prides itself on prioritizing attention and care for its human capital.

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