Since 1982, Gramicci has been offering climbing clothing and outdoor lifestyle garments to ensure a feeling of comfort and safety on any adventure. Founded by the climber Mike Graham, today the brand guarantees that its maxim remains to seek freedom through movement.

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Innovation and experience

Gramicci has been in the market for over 30 years, offering a wide background in the industry and proving to be one of the leading brands in outdoor lifestyle and mountain clothing. In fact, some of the innovative inventions that it has been implementing to its garments have become a common design element for many brands of the same style. Several examples are the built-in nylon belt, the “hinge” on the underarm area or the patented gusseted crotch. “We believe that the world is more than just a place to live in; it is a place to grow, raise a family, venture to unknown places and enjoy the freedom of nature,” assures the brand.

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