Flatlist arises from the idea of making technically advanced sunglasses, capable of protecting you from the most harmful rays of sun, but at the same time having a perfect design to wear even at night. Discover the limited editions of this Danish brand.

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What makes Flatlist sunglasses special?

There are several principles that have positioned this brand in the spotlight of current streetwear. Flatlist’s business vision is very clear. The brand wants to say good-bye to ephemeral fashions and seasonal trends and focus on what really works every time. But this doesn’t imply focusing on boring, classic styles. It is about making sunglasses with their own personality, with identity and character. Therefore, each collection consists of only a limited number of designs. Real products for real people!


Behind the Flatlist sunglasses models

Flatlist’s designs are inspired by the most aesthetically influential decades in our history, such as the freedom of speech of the 60s or the minimal trend of the 90s. A cocktail of references where the main inspiration is clear: develop their distinctive style. All their models are unisex. Among their characteristics, the durability and resistance of their temples stand out, they are handcrafted with Italian Mazzucchelli acetate (est. 1849), German nickel-free OBE hinges, silicone-coated security screws and Carl Zeiss lenses with 100% UVA/ UVB protection.


Why buy Flatlist sunglasses at THEGOODWILLOUT?

At THEGOODWILLOUT we have the iconic Flatlist models to put these limited premium products at your disposal. Just decide what type of glass you want, what color you want the temple to be and what shape best suits your face. Logic, Hanky, Le Bucheron, Tishkoff, Eazy… Choose the design that best represents you and welcome your new favorite accessory.

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