Diadora’s roadmap is guided by three aspects: passion, stylistic avant-garde and technological innovation. This is what the Italian firm itself affirms and this is demonstrated by its more than seven decades of history, elevated by figures such as Francesco Totti or Bjorn Borg. The authentic retro elegance of the Mediterranean country.

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The roots of Diadora

Behind the birth of Diadora there is only one name: Marcello Danieli. In 1948, in a strategic border area between Italy and Austria, Danieli founded his mountain footwear company and baptized it Diadora. He chose that location for one reason in particular: its tradition in shoemaking. The sector grew by being a supplier of military shoes during the First World War. In the aftermath of the conflict, companies in the area used their knowledge to manufacture high-quality and resistant pairs, with a particular focus on ski and mountain footwear, something that was also influenced by the region’s own mountainous location. From this experienced industrial environment emerged Diadora, on which its creator Marcello Dianeli imposed his creative imprint. Its products didn’t take long to stand out thanks to its founder’s obsession with meeting three requirements: elegance, durability and comfort.


Diadora Heritage

In a 2019 exhibition with which Diadora celebrated its 70th birthday at Pitti Uomo 95, the president and CEO of Diadora Enrico Moretti Polegato summed up the essence of the exhibition with a phrase: «It is a story about passion, traditions and dreams, and on the constantly evolving goals that we achieve thanks to the will to surpass ourselves and our strength as a great team». The truth is that Diadora is presented as a kind of imaginary where the vintage essence of mid-century Italy coexists, but also the avant-garde and the most advanced technology. The romantic and the functional. Since 2000, the brand has bet on the fusion of luxury sports clothing and footwear with the world of fashion. In that sense, its Heritage collection is its global presentation letter. The line serves to honor the tradition of Diadora by giving life to those models that have left an important mark on their journey, such as rident 90 Leather, Eclipse Premium or N9000 H Italy.


Diadora clothing and sneakers

Diadora conducts in-depth research to develop innovative technologies that it applies to each of its designs. Currently, it has models aimed at different sports disciplines such as tennis, running, soccer or fitness. These improvements are also applied to its Lifestyle line, in which it plays with urban codes while maintaining its distinctive personality. Diadora clothing and sneakers feature fresh, juvenile and timeless shades. Its creations display a polished result that shows that every detail has been meticulously taken care of. Discover now The Good Will Out’s Diadora store and join its legacy.

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