Comfortable, versatile, and fun. The Crocs brand has been the forerunner of a new genre of footwear that breaks with a multitude of aesthetic norms to show that fashion does not understand rigidity. Their years of experience and indisputable victory against the enemies of the clog demonstrate who leads in the field of the ‘ugly shoes’.

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A controversial aspect

They were born more than 15 years ago in the United States and they soon became the footwear of choice for doctors, lovers of outdoor activities, cooks, stylists and sailors, among others. The design had no great mystery. It was an orthopedic shape, with an anatomicalbase and resin material -specifically Croslite cells- antibacterial and highly adherent. The ideal qualities for someone looking to be comfortable for many hours.

Their popularity was progressively ascending, to the surprise of a wide group of enemies of the famous clog. Their exaggerated proportions, large ventilation holes, material and striking colors have earned the Crocs the ugliest shoe in history. But ugliness was beginning to win the battle, enchanting millions of people and being flashed at the feet of a multitude of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber or Jack Nicholson, among others. It would not be too risky to say that it is also because of their appearance, and not just their functionality, one of the factors that have most driven their presence around the world. An enlightening fact: in 2006, the brand debuted on the stock market with a price of 21 dollars per share. Today, it is a company valued at more than a billion dollars.


From comfort to fashion

It is indisputable that the iconic Crocs have already penetrated the depths of urban fashion, leaving behind that initial controversy that their style caused. The love for this shoe has won the battle, a proof of this are the versions produced by designers and luxury firms such as Balenciaga or Christopher Kane.



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