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Since its birth in the 70s, the Italian firm CP Company has applied revolutionary fabrics and manufacturing techniques to create high-tech pieces and innovative finishes. Its garments are inspired by the military and are committed to a utilitarian style that plays with the codes of high-fashion.

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Avant-garde and Experimentation

CP Company was born in 1974 in Italy, at the hands of designer Massimo Osti. In its beginnings and under the name of Chester Perry, the brand focused on the production of high technical performance sportswear, although with the passage of time, he ended up venturing into the highest level of urban fashion. His goal was to manufacture garments of military inspiration from avant-garde techniques such as color dyeing, which adds greater depth to the color and emphasizes the fabrics. Its natural materials go through a procedure that includes dyeing, stamping, washing and special treatment.


The color dyeing of CP Company. A revolutionary technique

CP Company has always been linked to innovation, experimentation in the creation and treatment of the materials with which it makes its garments. Chromatic dyeing or garment dyeing is an example of this. Massimo Osti, creator of the firm, has always exhibited a nonconformist spirit that has enabled him to tirelessly devise new forms, designs and applications of men’s clothing. In his research, he advanced to this technique, which first saw the light in the 70s.

Chromatic dyeing (Garment Dyeing) consists in the dyeing process of each garment taking place in the last phase of creation, after the garment has been made. Thus, although it is composed of different materials and fibers, all the materials will receive the same color treatment and a more intense finish and unique shades are achieved.


Other hallmarks of CP Company

In the universe of CP Company the boundaries between urban clothing and formal luxury disappear. In each CP Company sweatshirt, pants, accessory or jacket you can find highly original details that break with the chromatic sobriety of the collections, such as its iconic lenses (googles), one of the brand’s flagship elements. These characteristic round and black pieces appear as the distinctive detail of many of CP Company’s garments.

The large number of references and inspirations that have crossed Osti’s mind explain the excellence of his style. From the classic men’s wardrobes, to the uniforms of the German police, passing through Japan’s military suit. An influx of currents whose hybridization has resulted in a line of innovation and avant-garde.


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