With more than a hundred years behind them, Champion has managed to reinvent itself until achieving its definitive consolidation in streetwear. From the Dream Team of the 90s, to the high-fashion of today, a long list of followers have opted for the urban and relaxed style of the brand.

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The history of Champion

Champion was born more than a century ago, by the hands of the Feinbloom brothers in 1999 New York. In its first decades of history, the brand dressed college teams and the American Military Academy. These were affordable garments, with a correct tailoring and a fabric of resistant quality that resisted with integrity the continuous washing that sportswear undergoes. An important milestone was the Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt, one of the most representative technical contributions of their innovation spirit. In the 1960s, the logo started to gain more prominence in the garments, changing the aesthetic game of the brand, and in the 70s, the famous ‘C’ was already on both the basketball courts and the streets. An organic and fluid growth.

But it was the 90s that made Champion a global phenomenon. In this decade, the brand dressed all 27 NBA teams. The passage of the Dream Team of Magic, Pippen, Jordan, Bird and Barkley through Barcelona in 1992, guaranteed that Champion would become a pop icon throughout Europe. The rap and hip-hop culture, with figures of the status of 50 cent, Mobb Deep, The Game or Fat Joe, began to feel identified with the brand because of its ties to basketball. Suddenly, many urban musicians wore their sweatshirts in videoclips and concerts. That said, after all this success, the brand didn’t live its best years. Champion suffered a steep decline in popularity and maintained itself for some time at a lower level.


A dose of nostalgia

Its darkest moments have not been enough to defeat it. In the last years, and taking advantage of the athleisure revival of the 90s, the brand has experienced an impressive resurgence that gives it the undisputed position of the phoenix in sportswear. Its strategy of collaborations with the most acclaimed brands in luxury streetwear demonstrates the power of the new face of Champion, a face that maintains the qualities of always: an affordable price, a retro air and the same logo. Off-White, Vetements, Supreme, Undefeated, A Bathing Ape or Wood Wood, among others, have already launched an exclusive collection in collaboration with Champion. Interest in the brand has definitely skyrocketed and its status symbolizes the dilution of the limits between luxury and urban fashion, and the infinite possibilities of a firm that is faithful to its roots.


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