In just a few years, Anwar Carrots has become a leader in the streetwear scene. His emerging brand Carrots fuses skater style with artistic production, becoming a leader of a creative collective interested in fashion, music, and alternative culture. With origins in Los Angeles, the brand's evolution continues at an unstoppable pace while it remains faithful to its principles, showing its love for cult retro-pop aesthetics and focusing on urban youth, fresh and selective style.

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Carrots History: From fan to idol

From being a fan of the scene to pulling strings with brands like Champion, Puma or K-Swiss. Anwar Carrots' journey begins as a high school student, when he opened his blog "Arrogant Veggies", a space where he published photographs, illustrations, and music. Later the blog was renamed "Peas & Carrots" and reached impressive heights, counting among its readers artists such as Mac Miller. In fact, Anwar Carrots went on tour with the rapper in 2011, when he sold his first collection of "Peas & Carrots" t-shirts. All units sold out immediately.

Together with his friends Joshton Peas and Casey Veggies, Anwar Carrots founded the Peas & Carrots International brand. The name of the brand refers to its focus on growing its fan base organically, as if it were a vegetable garden looked after with care and dedication. In 2014, the creative head would disassociate himself from the union to launch his own brand: Carrots by Anwar Carrots, maintaining the original essence and giving free rein to his personal creativity. The carrot logo soon became known throughout the hip-hop and skater scene.


Why has Carrots become a leading brand in streetwear?

Carrots is very clear about some things. Its authenticity lies in its business perspectives, which break the mold and prioritize its own brand's principles instead of following fashions and fleeting trends. Anwar Carrots confesses that his role model is not Supreme, but rather Martha Stewart. An innovative vision of streetwear that explains why the brand always produces functional and necessity garments first, instead of opting for pure design accessories. Its aesthetics are unmistakable, with a clear commitment to the colors orange and green, paying tribute to its name, in contrast to other solid and neutral colors. Carrots proclaims independence, freedom, the ability to create your own timeless style without thinking about the whims of fast-fashion, and embodies the passion of artistic and cultural imagination in design. Carrots is not just a fashion brand: it's a declaration of intentions.

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