Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP (Carhartt Work In Progress) is the Carhartt streetwear line that has managed to implant the legacy of the Detroit brand in urban terrain as well. Carhartt WIP brings together the technical characteristics and the careful elaboration that have built the reputation of the workwear company, and adds new aesthetic patterns to satisfy the demands of the street squad leaders.

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History of Carhartt WIP. From work to the street

In 1889, with four sewing machines and five employees, Hamilton Carhartt planted the seed from which one of the most powerful pioneer firms of workwear clothing would germinate. Its designs covered the needs of manual workers, with high-performance, durable and resistant materials. One-hundred years later, in Europe, Edwin Faeh would extend the identity of the brand to the urban scene with the development of the Carhartt WIP line. The skate subculture, street art, and especially hip-hop tribes, would set their eyes on WIP’s designs, polishing the personality of the line and consolidating a whole streetwear legend.


Carhartt WIP vs Carhartt

Carhartt WIP puts its focus on a different public that takes care of their look and prioritizes aesthetics but doesn’t want to leave quality in the background. Carhartt WIP has a long history of collaborations with brands such as A.P.C., Comme des Garçons, Vetements, London Undercover, Polar Skate Co., among others, always staying true to the origins of the firm.

The difference between Carhartt and Carhartt WIP is that the first refers to the Detroit brand that was born to create work clothes. The WIP (Work In Progress) line arises when, from Europe, the pertinent rights were requested to use the brand name and thus make it reach a new continent. As a result, a brand that combined Carhartt’s characteristic essence and reliability was created, with a fresher, more creative European flair. It is this version that ended up becoming a streetwear brand.


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At THEGOODWILLOUT we know the principles, culture and identity of Carhartt WIP, and in line with them, we have selected the most representative and powerful clothes and accessories in its history, as well as the most innovative proposals and the latest trends of the brand. A display of carefully crafted pieces that fuse urban class and high technology, including icons such as the Anchorage coat or the Nimbus jacket.

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