Created in the 30s in Manchester, the Baracuta brand has built a particular imaginary in which the London style, the most polished quality and timeless classism merge in one same formula. Their most legendary garment, the G9 Harrington jacket, has been an authentic cult piece for more than 80 years.

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A cult piece. The Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket

The phenomenon of the classic Harrington jacket, a cult British fashion icon cult, has a clear culprit: Baracuta. The brand introduced the garment in 1937 in its G9 iteration as a coat for golfers. Over the years, different subcultures have appropriated it. Movie actors, menswear experts, rock legends and slum youth. They all have a common denominator. They have all been proudly wrapped in the Harrington’s signature tartan inner print; from Elvis Presley to Tom Hardy, through Chet Baker or Arnold Palmer.


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Baracuta has become an aesthetic hallmark for a rich and diverse British subculture. The brand has already proven to be immortal and have a presence in all parts of the world, gaining an indisputable gap between the sources of inspiration and the references of the streetwear scene. Buy now the latest Baracuta online collection at THEGOODWILLOUT.

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