Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries follows the parameters of classic masculinity with military-inspired garments that evoke adventure and exploration of new limits. Its identity is evident in each of its collections, always imprinted in silhouettes and details that have marked the culture and history of the United States.

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More than 60 years of trajectory

The birth of Alpha Industries arises from different transition phases of three independent military apparel companies in the 1940s: Superior Tags Corporation, Rolen Sportswear and Dobbs Industries. After many years of experience in this last one, Samuel Gelber decides to pursue his passion alone in 1959, founding his own brand: Alpha Industries.

It didn’t take long to position itself as the main supplier for the US army, especially with the Air and Navy divisions. In 1970, it decided to take a step further and expand its presence in the market, commercializing its garments to the public and expanding its catalogue. Over time, Alpha Industries has increasingly focused on urban fashion; thanks in part to the strategic moves of Mike Cirker, current CEO of the brand. Cirker developed a world of collaborations with other streetwear brands, from the luxury of Vetements to the freshness of Daily Paper, never leaving aside all the historical elements and the tradition that make up the identity of Alpha Industries.


Trip to the moon. Alpha Industries NASA

To commemorate the American aerospace history, Alpha Industries has launched a collection that pays tribute to NASA and its milestones. The line presents a series of garments inspired by the Apollo lunar mission or the explorations on Mars, which receive a particular tribute with a multitude of identifying details: patches, labels, games of colors, lettering or logos. The collection follows the classic patterns of the brand with the traditional Alpha Industries windbreakers, t-shirts, shorts or jackets, among other essential garments of the brand.


Why buy Alpha Industries at THEGOODWILLOUT?

Alpha Industries boasts a timeless character that makes the brand a safe bet for our wardrobe. Beyond passing fashion trends, AI presents silhouettes and patterns that stay on the top season after season. A combination between classicism and modernity that boasts an exciting aesthetic. At THEGOODWILLOUT you will find essential proposals, such as the Alpha Industries Bomber and jackets that are inspired by models used by the American army. Some of their stellar pieces-- such as the M65 Alpha Industries jacket designed for the Vietnam War in 1965--, have kept their design intact since their first manufacture, and overtime has received diverse updates, improvements and refined details on the zippers or materials

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