With more than seven decades behind it, adidas has established its own style, positioning itself as a benchmark brand for various movements, from terrace to hip-hop. The characteristic trefoil that identifies it has become much more than just a logo: it is a symbol of sports and fashion; but also of music, street art and urban culture.

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The rise of adidas

In 1949, Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolf joined forces to bring a radical improvement to the performance of athletes with the creation of an exquisite and careful line of products in their country, Germany. The official appearance of the three stripes marked the beginning of a new era in terms of technology and innovation. The 50’s saw the emergence of iconic models such as the adidas Samba or the Allround, sneakers that broke records and laid the foundations for what the brand would later create in terms of design and technique. We are not just talking about sneakers. The first adidas tracksuit, designed in the 1960s, would rapidly rise to a cult status. Also, the iconic Adilette, with origins in the 70’s, rapidly and indisputably became the most famous flip-flops not only in Europe, but also in the rest of the world. Ultimately, the first decades of the life of adidas were a revolution and earned it a permanent place on the sportswear throne.


adidas and rap: the role of Run-DMC

Nowadays, for an artist to collaborate with a brand seems quite normal to us, right? It has not always been this way. A specific union is largely responsible for this phenomenon that today has settled in the sports, music and fashion industries: adidas and Run-DMC. The alliance between adidas and the band Run-DMC, marked a before and after in history by becoming the first sponsorship of a sports brand to a music group. When these rappers released their first song in 1983, the adidas Superstar competed for dominance on the court against the Converse All Star. Everything changed when Run-DMC revolutionized the landscape when openly declaring its loyalty to the Superstars through their song: “My Adidas”. The theme arises as a response to a poem by a doctor from their neighborhood called Dr. Deas, who, tired of the crime he was living daily, wrote some controversial verses criminalizing sneakers in general, especially the ones without laces (as a wink to the prisoners). The poem, titled “Felon Sneakers”, eventually became a rap song. Just a year later, Run-DMC released the song “My Adidas” in protest. The goal was to claim that the adidas were a form of expression and cultural symbol for the collective. The brutal success of the song caught the company’s attention: the adidas sales rose to a stratospheric level. Another magical moment served to fully light the fuse. During the Run-DMC concert in Madison Square Garden in 1986, Darryl McDanield asked his fans to take off their sneakers and lift them up. Almost 40.000 people took off their shoes as the first tunes of “My Adidas” sounded. Shortly after, the Dassler family and those responsible for adidas made a decision that would mark history: sponsoring Run-DMC. In addition to this millionaire contract, they also designed a clothing line with the group’s logo and adidas Superstar.


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All adidas items have become an indispensable range for a wide and varied target due to the multifaceted nature of the brand. Despite having a strong and marked identity, its products are capable of understanding a wide spectrum of aesthetics and functionalities. Both adidas Women and adidas Men propose a catalogue of sneakers, clothes and accessories where they impose comfort and personality in one same brand that boasts experience and personality prevails. Discover exclusive collections, essential models and collaboration pieces in the adidas online store of The Good Will Out.

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