The brand led by Samuel Ross has marked the beginning of a new streetwear imaginary. Halfway between urban and haute couture, A-Cold-Wall * belongs to that group of projects that have been in charge of breaking down barriers and conventionalisms within the fashion-system.

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The importance of Samuel Ross

Samuel Ross's career has risen at a dizzying pace, paralleling the rise of streetwear. In an era in which street clothing is the leader in the fashion scene, someone who knows the working class in depth and who boasts of those origins is undoubtedly the right person to position himself as one of the benchmarks. Thus, Samuel Ross has become one of the select thrones of the industry. He started out selling counterfeits as a minor, and since then has worked with Kanye West at Yeezy and Virgil Abloh at Off-White. He was a finalist for the LVMH award and the ANDA award. It didn't take long for his brand A-Cold-Wall * to become one of the great queens of the streetwear scene.

Samuel Ross has his own fashion speech, his philosophy, his principles. His works are inspired by the British working class, brutalist architecture, utilitarianism and design . A compendium of inspirations that have marked Ross's roots and that are now forever reflected in a textile format.

A story behind each collection and an identity that gives sense to the entire brand. There is a lot behind the three acronyms of ACW.


The balance of A-COLD-WALL*

A-Cold-Wall* boasts a directional aesthetic that serves as an instrument to elevate London's street culture. A union between two worlds that stands as a letter of statements, with a multidisciplinary vision and a great appreciation for craftsmanship. A-Cold-Wall breaks all the schemes. An unconventional tailoring, a social undertone and a streamlined design. The brand that streetwear needed as a new benchmark.


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